Sunday, October 15, 2006

For everything there is a season

The trouble with time is that it escapes us. Before we now it days weeks and months have passed and we have done very few of the things we intended to do (like regularly and fastiduously updated our blogs). Therefore, you get the whirlwind pictoral tour of the last months of my life.

The Clampets go to the Fair

On August 18th Jamie and her spouse Chris and my clan set off on a stalwart adventure to the Iowa State Fair. This is a particularly noteworthy trip because during my 20 year tenure in Iowa, I have yet to go to this extravanganza. I wasn't sure what I expected, but the fair was much more than I thought it would be. There were food booths as far as the eye could see each boasting a different delicacy on a stick. Unable to resist, the four adults split a deep fat fried snickers bar. Here is a not so flattering picture of my reaction to the goey concoction

Needless to say..... the universal consensus was a thumbs down. I am not certain I understand it.....I like batter (generally) I like fried stuff (sometimes) and I (always) love snickers....... how could the combination be so wrong?

After my dissapointment with food on a stick (I love this invention I am a proponent of more things being on a stick.... say it with me "skein on a stick"), we perused the prize winning animals. The pigs, cows, bulls, horses, llamas, chickens, pigeons, and bunnys were cute and all but they did not compare to the SHEEP. Not only that but apparently everyday at the state fair is a sheering day. So there were just piles and piles of fleece lying about waiting to be spun..... my fiber senses were tingling around so much fiber waiting to be turned into wooly yarn....... We took a picture of some prize winning fleece.

The rest of the day was a blur after my fleece intoxication, but I seem to remember a cow made of butter and a butter Elvis. To say the least the day was over the top. To show you how much I close with a picture of a pumpkin (taken next to my 4 year old 42 inch tall son for gauge).