Friday, April 13, 2007

As much originality as a Xerox machine

I'm a sporadic blogger at best (hey the blogging really cuts into the knitting time). Also, I generally feel this overwhelming pressure to have something fun and witty to say when I blog (I promise to work hard to get past this creative pressure and just blog).

However, I know me and if there is a bandwagon, I'll jump on it. Run at full speed and leap really. So after cruising the web and realizing that Jamie had a new blog layout to try to coax spring to the frozen trundra that is Iowa lately I decided to add some springy verve and zest in order to urge me to keep up with my new desire to post regularly.

So, my reintroduction into the blogging world involves a new layout, which is far more Christina (in that it involves yellow and sunflowers two of my favorite things) than the previous one and several new bandwagons.

I just finished a pair of the ever popular jaywalker sock

These fabulous socks were knit on my way to and from Boston for a recent work conference, it seemed to fit since they were inspired by Boston, and I now understand why (let's just say there is a sub story where the scene of the Boston massacre almost became a Christina massacre). They were knit with trekking yarn (colorway 108). I used size one circular needes for the leg and size zero circular needles for the feet. The use of smaller needles for the heel and feet is the only modification I made to the pattern.

I have also joined sockapolooza 4
I thought to myself.......... "self, this is a knit along you can finish! You can do it because it involves real life people who wait for you to finish something and you don't let real people down." Also, it's socks people, I can knit a pair of socks by August. Although now that I said that I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that says "ruh roh raggy, what have you done now." Send finishing a knit-a-long vibes my way, I may need them.