Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A sort of 12 step program

Okay so I am a ball dropper. This applies to more than blogging, however, I am mainly talking about my lack of keeping up with my blog.

It occurred to me that I haven't published anything in a month. Where I have had an exceptionally busy summer complicated by autoimmune problem fun. That is no excuse. I will rededicate myself to publishing blogs and keeping up with my knitalongs.

So the last month update. I finished all 42 of hte blankets by donation day (pictures to come in a later post). However, I got sick and they didn't get delivered. I take comfort that the sewing day ladies probably made an adequate supply of blankets for this donation and that my blankets will be more appreciated in the next donation. However, I am still disappointed.

The lace has been suspended. Sometimes if you truly love something you must set it free. I will resume it when I have more time to concentrate (I am thinking this winter after internship applications go out).

I have also decided to make a handknit gift for my sister-in-laws 25th anniversary party which is in 6 weeks. So here is what I need. Suggestions.... it has to be

1. good for a couple not just her
2. able to be knit in 6 weeks
3. something that says "precious handcraft" not "oh you made me a homemade gift"

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Wool Winder said...

Six weeks isn't much time for some of the knitted items I can think of that could be shared by a couple. Here's what I was thinking: an afghan, his and her socks or a pillow (might be time for this). How about adding a handknit lace border to towels or pillow cases? I think there is a nice pattern in Weekend Knitting for the pillow case trim. I'm not a home right now where I can check my copy of the book.