Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sweet Success

Last week I completed Zach's Aran blankie. Why hasn't there been a picture you ask. Because my darling infant began teething shortly after the creation was completed and has been unwilling to pose for any picture in which he does not play the part of a lobster who is ready to be cooked pleading for his life. After no less than 50 attempts to get the picture while he was awake I had a stroke of brilliance.

I would get the picture after he went to bed. So, tonight I endured our nightly crying ritual as I waited for the beloved baby tylenol to work its magic (all hail baby tylenol savior of mothers around the globe). I snuck out of the baby's room and past the hubby, who was working on the couch, and grabbed the digital camera. As I walk past the hubby for the second time, holding said camera, his head darts up and with a look of shock and horror he asks what I am doing. I smile and reply "going to take a picture of the baby sleeping." Chad gives me a look that indicates he is sizing me up mentally for a straight jacket, sighs, and resumes work.

Meanwhile in the baby's room I am sneaking like a mouse to get a picture of my sleeping darling. After some light stirring, I have my picture and a sleeping baby.



Wool Winder said...

The blanket is beautiful! Glad you didn't wake him up with the picture taking.

sandra said...

This is the most adorable! You did wonderful knitting! Zack is happy to have such mother!