Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pride & Prejudice

Things never go well for me whenever I fall in love with a yarn and then try to construct a knitting project to fit it. I usually end up with something that isn't at all like I intend. I frog it and it lives a very pretty and long lasting life among the stash.

Therefore, when I found this yarn (#627 Flamingo) at my not so local Pearls the Yarn Studio (sorry no website atm). I was almost instantly seduced by it's lovely softness and vibrant colors. I'm serious about the softness...... for a cotton it is so wickedly soft. But, a moment of doubt lingered. I tend to be prejudiced against bulkier yarns (anything heavy worsted or bigger). I typically don't love them knit up, and I certainly don't like to wear them. So the likelihood that I would wear a garment knit in this is, well it's slim.

Then, searching through the store I found a pattern that I thought I could modify to make me happy and I decided to stow my prejudice and start knitting. The knitting went so incredibly smoothly. No frogging, my measurements were spot on, I had the right yardage with just a little ball left to seam. I cast off the last piece last week, blocked diligently, and decided to attack finishing this weekend.

I start seaming, it's going well. I take a break and start to put together my blog entry outlying this successful project, I can't remember feeling so proud. THEN tragedy befalls. I am missing a sleeve.

I know I knit two, I blocked two, I put two sleeves in my basket to seam later. Now, I have one. I tear apart my craft room, no sleeve. I move on to the bedroom, no sleeve (some yarn I forgot I have.... but that's another story).

I start to think to myself, maybe I really didn't knit two. Maybe there is just the one. So I see if I have enough yarn to make another (nope just the little ball). I call the yarn store, they are sold out. She calls the distributor, they are sold out of that dye lot. She calls some other yarn stores, no luck.

So I quit for the night, my house is trashed and I am not one sleeve richer. I am going to go to sleep and hope that the sleeve magically appears in the morning.

I close with a pictures of my sweater........ sans sleeve

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Wool Winder said...

That's a beautiful sweater! You really have to find the other sleeve. It will turn up somewhere. It has to. Did you check the trash? The kids' toy box (assuming you have children)? The freezer (you never know)? The dirty laundry?