Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Adios May Hola June

Well goodbye to the month of May. Sadly, this May brought more showers than April and very little in the way of flowers here. However, I did get several things finished to donate to the preemie project.

The two hats on the left went to the Iowa chapter and the two on the right went to the Michigan chapter. All in all a semi-productive month despite all that has been going on. I kept it simple most of the things were knitted using the pattern for Michelle's Hat and booties . I did however use a variety of yarns. The green solid (from an earlier post is made with Carron Simply soft (which I like a lot). The light yellow is made with red heart baby soft (which I am not at all fond of it seems really scratching). The yellow and white stripes are made with Bernat's self-striping yarn which I am very excited about.

I did try the pattern created by Wool Windings . It is pictured below

I really liked this pattern. However, I think the self-striping yarn obscures the pattern. I also tried to modify the pattern so that the twisting continued all the way to the top. Needless to say it didn't go well. I think I am close and will try again with some solid colored yarn soon!


Jamie said...

Sorry...but where are the pictures we talked about today? I assume you'll need Chad's help for those. Also, what have you cast on? He he he...

Wool Winder said...

They're all so cute and will be very much appreciated by the families of the little ones!